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Born in Newport in 1960, art has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mother was an art teacher and illustrator, my aunt, a professional artist, my father an Architect and I eventually trained in graphic design. It was in 2000 when I set up my own graphics consultancy in Cardiff that I could seriously combine the two disciplines successfully. As a member of the Pontcanna dog walking fraternity (and fully aware of the devotion between dogs and their owners, and vice-versa), I saw the potential for producing not only traditional, very personal dog portraits, but a less static approach in capturing their vitality at play and having fun in their favourite environment. With my own Labrador, this means constant observation... often quick on-the-spot sketching and maybe some photos to work from later. It is all about freeze-framing that 'moment in time', using loose, deliberate strokes or marks to draw out its particular character and personality. I have undertaken numerous commissions in a variety of mediums and I thoroughly enjoy the challenges this subject matter often provides.
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A PENSIVE WELSH TERRIER! (sa), Price: £350.00, Medium: Charcoal and watercolour, Size: 11x10.5 ins
CARDIFF BAY'S NORWEGIAN CHURCH, Price: £260.00, Medium: Oil on Board, Size: 15x15cm
FIRST SNOWFALL, Price: £350.00, Medium: Charcoal and watercolour, Size: 11.5x10ins
FROSTY MORNING, Price: £250.00, Medium: Charcoal, Size: 10.6x9 ins
MAKING A SPLASH, Price: £220.00, Medium: Charcoal and watercolour, Size: 14.5x16cm
SHEEP FARM IN THE USK VALLEY (sa), Price: £350.00, Medium: Indian ink, pen and watercolour, Size: 11 X 11 INS
THE WET LOOK!, Price: £450.00, Medium: Charcoal and watercolour, Size: 23x41cm
Pictures 1 - 7 of 7