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In 1986 British artist Gerald Green relinquished his career as an architect to follow his passion for painting. He is represented by a number of commercial galleries in the UK and has exhibited with several London Art Societies, together with being a finalist in a variety of National Arts Competitions. His work has been shown in Europe, USA and in 2010 he was an invited artist for the inaugural International Watercolour Biennial in China. He has undertaken numerous commissions for National and International Property Development Companies. A published author, Gerald's work features in 9 books and for several years he has been a regular contributor to arts magazines. He has appeared on television and taken part in radio interviews about his work. "My paintings are impressions of places and events from everyday life. Many are painted 'plein air' with a sense of what I like to call 'casual reality' through which I aim to catch the essence of my subjects with the use of light to energize and invigorate the work".
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AWAITING DEPARTURE ROTHLEY, Price: £650.00, Medium: oil, Size: 10x14ins
FIRST SNOWFALL, Price: £860.00, Medium: oil, Size: 11.75x16.5ins
FLOWERS IN THE SHOW TENT, Price: £860.00, Medium: oil, Size: 16.5x11.75ins
NEGLECTED STORE, Price: £850.00, Medium: oil, Size: 14.25x12ins
TOWARDS THE SALUTE VENICE, Price: £860.00, Medium: oil, Size: 11.75x16.5
Pictures 1 - 5 of 5